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Thursday, June 7, 2012

In Search Of The Perfect Fabric

Over the course of the last month or so, I have looked at hundreds upon hundreds of fabric samples trying to find the perfect "one" to cover the seats of my dining room chairs. And the search hasn't been limited to fabric/fabric stores. I have explored the idea of using oilcloth tablecloths and even shower curtains to get the job done. This shower curtain below was the closest I came to something I thought would work. But I think the color is a bit off, and I think the design would be difficult to line up the way I want it to for the chairs.

I blundered with one purchase of a roll of vinyl that clearly did not appear as it had from the sample. I even used some permanent markers to try to get that vinyl to coordinate. But it didn't work out to my liking.

It finally dawned on me from the photograph of my dining room; that I could use a digital swatch directly from the curtains to incorporate the colors I wanted, into a digital design of my own for custom fabric. I am happy with the results, and convinced this is that "perfect" fabric for the chairs.

I did have to fiddle with the size and layout to get it just right for the chairs, but am so pleased that when I place my order with Spoonflower, I plan on ordering enough for placemats, too! Or I may even "Mod Podge" the top of my coffee table with a piece of the fabric, and do some pillows, too. So even though this shell design didn't seem so great for a notecard, and even though I went through so much trouble searching for the right fabric, I am thrilled with the turn of events. And the nice thing is, that if I ever need more of this fabric, I can have it printed up...no worries that a store no longer has it!

I did doodle a couple of faces last night, but am saving them for my next post. Until next time, take care!