Mission Statement

This is a blog in which I intend to reach my goal to draw/paint a thousand faces! Welcome, and come along for the journey!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Faces #460-#464

Although I have been getting some work done, I haven't had much time to post. But here above were a few studies/faces I've done since last post. I have a lot of sketches, too, but will wait to post them when I have a little more time. I wanted to hit 500 faces by my birthday at the end of this month, but think I will just be shy of that mark. In any event, I know I will hit 500 before my one year blog anniversary at the end of next month! I have had a lot of thoughts about the second half of my goal, as to whether I will just proceed as I have been, or add a twist of some sort. I hope everyone is doing well, thanks for visiting, and take care until next time!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Some Updates, Some New Faces

First up to show are Faces #452-454. It started out as a more abstract piece (below), and there was no initial sketching. I just started throwing down big chunks of color to form three extremely loosely rendered heads in bizarre colors. I was just going to leave it this way.But then, in a second sitting (below),  I went back to add the detail and do the real "drawing" of the piece. A little different way of working. Here, below, is an update of my Michelangelo study. I went back and fine-tuned my drawing, and have started adding the dark pastels. I got some goodies in the mail I ordered from a company called Feathermart. These are some bleached blue peacock feathers I will be adding to this collage. The feathers are really stunning, and the picture doesn't do them justice. I think after a lot of arranging, I have arrived at a final layout for this mermaid collage, below.While I was going to add an actual pastel painting to the collage, I decided on scanning the painting instead for a printed version. If I choose to sell these printed elements, I like the idea of a person being able to add their own handwriting to the beach element if they choose. So I made this version without the shell.
I also had an ink drawing I did that I wanted to add to my collage. I scanned it, and added a border digitally. I think this would make for a cute note card, too! Of course, after adding the border digitally, I decided to play around a bit more with the image, contemplating possible variations... Lastly, these octopus medallions from Alpha Stamps were bought especially for this collage. I am going to have to stitch them to the Roc-Ion triangles I painted, then back the triangles with mounting tape to get them onto the collage. Roc-Ion is a heavier weight fabric product that won't fray, that can be painted, that can be stitched through. It worked out well for this application.  Now I just have to buy my matt board substrate cut to the size I want, and start putting it all together!
Until next time, take care!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Work, And Some Squalor

Yes...some squalor. The squalor of having a teenager in the home. My son (who I am very proud of) started college last week and is doing his first semester locally. And although I adore him and we have lots of fun, this picture below is most certainly indicative of his age (laughing). I wish I could tell you that this is a photograph of his bedroom...but it's my dining room that I had long since planned to use for a studio. I wish I could also tell you that just one room of my home looked like this. So, how about it? Does anyone out there think I could enter this photograph in some sort of home makeover contest? (laughing) I do have one new face to show here today. I really enjoyed working on this, and turned to some different pastels than I usually grab for the skin tones. I had planned on getting three faces done yesterday, but sunk all my time into this one, working leisurely.
I have been planning a somewhat larger piece for a few days now that I hope to at least start by the end of the week. Until next time, take care!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

More Faces, More Collage Fun

First up, are Faces #447 and #448. I am glad I did these sketches in pencil on pastel paper instead of the crummy sketchbook paper I sometimes use when working in pencil. This paper handles erasures so much better, and the tooth of the paper makes it more pleasurable to work with. Next, I have a two more elements for my mermaid collage. As mentioned in a previous post, I plan on keeping this one color restricted for a more vintage look. For the other collage project, I did like this version of elements (below) with the marbled paper. But I mentioned adding some inks to the elements so they would be more compatible with the marbled paper. Instead, I have decided to use these below for one collage... and this second version (below) for the collage with the marbled paper. I am glad I have both of these versions laid out neatly and print-ready should I decide to sell them as art papers for collages. Here are some medallions below that I created digitally that I may also use in my collage.And finally, here is how the second version of elements look with the marbled paper. Much more compatible. Once I have just the right selection of my printed elements for the collages, I will probably go on a hunt for buttons, beads, ribbons and the like. I haven't decided just how complex or simple I want the collages to be at this point. I may not post about them again until they are finished...and I need to get busy again with faces!!!!
Until next time, take care!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Faces #445, #446, And More

Face #445 started out as a "trois crayons" drawing (red, black, and white chalk). Normally this is done on a cream toned paper to get nice skin tones, but I was curious how it might look on a cooler toned paper. The black and red really scream against this paper, and the effect leaves him looking almost tin-man silver.Here is the same image below after adding in skin tones and some modifications to his hair and face. I will say that the trois crayons made for a nice under painting, anyway. I could play some more with this piece, but probably will not. Can't decide. Some touching up on his face and a background might make it into a finished piece. For now, it's another face to add to the count.Face #446 also started out differently, sat for a day, and then underwent some modifications. Sometimes the best thing you can do with a piece is to let it sit before proceeding. I am happy with how this one turned out.I went back to this mermaid collage lay out, removing some items and adding an item. I think I may keep this piece color restricted to keep with the original concept I had for a more vintage look. I also finally bought more ink for my printer today and was able to print up some items for this other collage I want to make, to go along with another piece of marbled paper I bought. Although I like these printed items with this marbled paper, one of two things I can do will make them more compatible. I can use some inks on the printed items to make them tie in better with the marbled paper. Or, I could add a border of some sort that closely ties in with the colors and values of the printed items. I may even do both. It is a collage, after all.
Have a safe great weekend, and thanks for the visit!

Slow Cooked

Although I don't have any new work to show today, I did manage to snag a few decorative papers for a collage in my travels. I have just loosely laid it out here for the camera. A feature I like in the process of collage work, is that you can put it on the back burner and slowly gather and collect just the right ingredients before moving forward. I am almost ready to put this one together. The decorative papers give me the textural quality I was looking to add, along with a bold shot of deep color from the marbled paper. I was pleased with the papers, and how well they play with the other elements.
Until next time, take care!