Mission Statement

This is a blog in which I intend to reach my goal to draw/paint a thousand faces! Welcome, and come along for the journey!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Work, And Some Squalor

Yes...some squalor. The squalor of having a teenager in the home. My son (who I am very proud of) started college last week and is doing his first semester locally. And although I adore him and we have lots of fun, this picture below is most certainly indicative of his age (laughing). I wish I could tell you that this is a photograph of his bedroom...but it's my dining room that I had long since planned to use for a studio. I wish I could also tell you that just one room of my home looked like this. So, how about it? Does anyone out there think I could enter this photograph in some sort of home makeover contest? (laughing) I do have one new face to show here today. I really enjoyed working on this, and turned to some different pastels than I usually grab for the skin tones. I had planned on getting three faces done yesterday, but sunk all my time into this one, working leisurely.
I have been planning a somewhat larger piece for a few days now that I hope to at least start by the end of the week. Until next time, take care!