Mission Statement

This is a blog in which I intend to reach my goal to draw/paint a thousand faces! Welcome, and come along for the journey!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Some Updates, Some New Faces

First up to show are Faces #452-454. It started out as a more abstract piece (below), and there was no initial sketching. I just started throwing down big chunks of color to form three extremely loosely rendered heads in bizarre colors. I was just going to leave it this way.But then, in a second sitting (below),  I went back to add the detail and do the real "drawing" of the piece. A little different way of working. Here, below, is an update of my Michelangelo study. I went back and fine-tuned my drawing, and have started adding the dark pastels. I got some goodies in the mail I ordered from a company called Feathermart. These are some bleached blue peacock feathers I will be adding to this collage. The feathers are really stunning, and the picture doesn't do them justice. I think after a lot of arranging, I have arrived at a final layout for this mermaid collage, below.While I was going to add an actual pastel painting to the collage, I decided on scanning the painting instead for a printed version. If I choose to sell these printed elements, I like the idea of a person being able to add their own handwriting to the beach element if they choose. So I made this version without the shell.
I also had an ink drawing I did that I wanted to add to my collage. I scanned it, and added a border digitally. I think this would make for a cute note card, too! Of course, after adding the border digitally, I decided to play around a bit more with the image, contemplating possible variations... Lastly, these octopus medallions from Alpha Stamps were bought especially for this collage. I am going to have to stitch them to the Roc-Ion triangles I painted, then back the triangles with mounting tape to get them onto the collage. Roc-Ion is a heavier weight fabric product that won't fray, that can be painted, that can be stitched through. It worked out well for this application.  Now I just have to buy my matt board substrate cut to the size I want, and start putting it all together!
Until next time, take care!