Mission Statement

This is a blog in which I intend to reach my goal to draw/paint a thousand faces! Welcome, and come along for the journey!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sea Horses, Faces, And Table Tops

 I had a very productive weekend, so I have lots to share this post....everything from pencil to bezier tool.

 I guess I will start with the sea horses. The one you see in color was my original drawing. I decided to copy it, and do one in color and keep the other in ink. My light box wouldn't pass through the Canson papers, so I essentially ended up re-drawing the same thing with some minor differences, and choosing one for pastel. I'm glad I have both versions as opposed to just a before and after photograph, because I really like the ink (which isn't quite finished, and to which I will add a border).

Then, here are faces #609-#615. I'm glad to add to the count after temporarily stepping away from doing them, even if they are all done in just pencil and ball point pen.

Lastly, I am fairly active on Pinterest and saw this great idea for stenciling a design onto a table top. But then, I was reading about how to cover a table top in fabric using Mod Podge, which seems to really open the doors to more design possibilities. I have wanted to change my coffee table, and after settling on a fabric I had already designed it was added to my order along with the chair fabric (see previous post). This design was actually created for use as a whole cloth quilt top. It started with a traditional pencil drawing, which was then re-drawn with vector drawing tools in Illustrator, then brought into Photoshop to add effects to the lines. I have actually quilted the center medallion on a small whole cloth quilt before ever making the digital version. So if the fabric doesn't work well as a coffee table top, I will just quilt it up!

Well, that's all for my Monday. TNT is having a "Mentalist" Monday marathon, so I imagine I will be quite distracted with Simon Baker in the house....he just makes me melt (laughing)! Until next time, take care!