Mission Statement

This is a blog in which I intend to reach my goal to draw/paint a thousand faces! Welcome, and come along for the journey!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

One Sketch Fits All

I can never seem to wrap my mind around it when either a very seasoned artist or some novice hobbyist asserts that their way and their process is the only one that exists; that there is some "one size fits all" solution in regards to sketching or other artistic process. It's just so pathetically narrow minded. I think I am lucky to get some of the art magazines I do where I learn about some artist who takes four years to complete a very intricate drawing, or another artist who completes then cuts up all their work into segments, or still another who works with some rare materials. I think I am lucky to have been exposed to the process of so many artists I've met in the course of my life time. I think I am lucky to see the drawings of Michaelangelo or Edward Hopper, and get a glimpse into the exquisite preliminary sketches they did before approaching some larger piece. The process is inevitably different from one artist to the next. It can also be varied within the work of just one artist. I sketch for all sorts of reasons... it could be a sketch is the preliminary groundwork for some larger piece.... or it could be to work out some anatomy issue...or design issue. It can also be, a sketch is done for pleasure...or to relieve stress...or out of utter boredom. Whatever the case may be for an artist to choose what they choose to do, I would recommend they just enjoy it. After all, creating art is hopefully a labor of love and not like a trip to the dentist (wink).

Until next time, take care!