Mission Statement

This is a blog in which I intend to reach my goal to draw/paint a thousand faces! Welcome, and come along for the journey!

Friday, August 23, 2013

"Saltwater Taffy"

As I worked on this piece below, I was thinking about the ambiguity of the sky at times...where you don't know whether it's a sunset or if it's day break...could be either. A sunset reminds me of the day growing older; or if compared to a stage of life, moving closer toward the time of a great reward with God beyond this life. But day break....glorious daybreak makes me think of being born...of a renewal of life with God, robust with possibility. 
"Saltwater Taffy" 16" by 20", pastel
I have been trying to compile a series of five pieces for a submission for months now. But I think this piece along with one other I did recently are strong candidates, a good start.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! Hard to believe it's wrapping up! Until next time, take care!