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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Art and Drawing

A design professor of mine once said, "Drawing is a teachable/learnable skill, but art is not." 
I would have to agree with the further implications of what he said, that not all drawings are art, not even when made by professional artists. I make no pretenses otherwise about my work, and much of my own pencil drawings on this blog are not what I consider works of art. Though, I might add, a select few may be the rough draft for some work of art down the road. What you do with drawing, determines whether or not it will be art. Still, many of my drawings are just done to work out design issues for some pending project, to make a concept more tangible before any further exploration, or simply to practice my craft.
This first whimsical piece (face #26), I put together with very little planning. Now once finished, I do consider it art/illustration. But from the standpoint of creative process, I should have realized after drawing it not to go any further with the addition of color until fixing some issues. There were several design problems I had with it, but I  plundered ahead anyway. I do feel I was able to manage, but only after a lot of extra effort that I could have avoided with a better constructed drawing initially. Such as it is, I had to crop  off the bottom. 
Face # 27 (and figure) below is obviously the working out of a design problem, hence the two left arms in different positions. Also, because the paper was really not large enough to accommodate my demands, I went on to draw the bottom half of her figure on a separate sheet of paper (not shown).
The rest of these are just practice, some more refined, and some drawn on anything available at the time.
Face #28, ink drawing
Face # 29 & #30
Face #31
Face # 32 & #33
Thanks for visiting, and more to come soon!